cover - the impact of artificial intelligence on ATS

The Impact of AI on Applicant Tracking

Computers are generating reduced workloads for us on a daily basis and with the advent of Artificial Intelligence, we can now train a computer to determine the top factors that represent what we need in a candidate for any one role.

hiring managers going digital

White Paper: Hiring Managers Going Digital

Teams rely heavily on their hiring managers for input into each new hire. Attracting and retaining quality hires is pivotal for the success of any one organization and establishing effective communications with hiring managers is essential. So, how do you make that happen?

the dawn of generation z

Generation Z in the Workforce

As our population ages and Baby Boomers start the retirement process, we might face a serious challenge in the workforce with the new generation that is emerging.

five ways to get recruiting results

5 Ways to Get Recruiting Results

Don’t let your ATS be a confusing barrier to applicants: learn five key methods that can save your application process and encourage great candidates to apply.

buy Canadian, you will not be sorry

Buy Canadian, You Won't Be Sorry

HR Software’s Buyer’s Guide: This guide identifies key aspects for Canadian organizations to consider when choosing an ATS software, whether for the first time or if changing providers.

one step to improve your career pages

One Step to Improve Your Careers Page​

We explain why hosting your ATS in an iframe challenges the usability and functionality of your website, and some alternative methods to avoid these issues.​

Job Posting SEO – How HR Can Make an Impact

Learn how to make your online job postings more easily found by job seekers. Clear and simple ways to ensure your online jobs are appealing, useful and searchable.

nine innovations that will change the way we recruit

9 Innovations That Will Change the Way we Recruit

We share the most powerful innovations in the HR tech industry, and what they mean for recruiting professionals in the coming years.