Create Your Talent Pool With Tags

StartDate allows you to create and apply your own tags to candidates. If used correctly this is a really powerful feature, perfect for creating a talent pool.

Searching for tagged candidates

How many times do you think “Who was that another best local candidate when we hired for this role last time?

Many recruiters tag their best candidates as “local”, even if they are not hired at a certain time. But this allows them to easily search their database to bring back those candidates and reach out to them in the future and saves a lot of precious time and effort.

Tagging is all about applying extra information to a candidate’s record, something that is not searchable by a keyword. For example, if you interview a candidate and confirm that they are fluent in French, you can apply this tag as it is very difficult to search and confirm this by keyword.

Another example might be just to tag a candidate as ‘First-aid’.

‘First-aid’ candidates might be candidates with a Certified first-aid training and relevant to the job position and its requirements, but you do not yet have a position for them. So, when next time you have any such open position, you can quickly find them and share a profile.

Tags are prominent

Tags are normally applied to candidates you have interacted with or at the very least reviewed and identified as relevant. So, tags can be really important. This is why in StartDate application tags are much more visible.

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