Is your hiring Mobile-Optimized?

is your hiring mobile optimized

As the use of mobile devices continues to rise, job seekers are using them more and more often to land their next big opportunity. According to  Pew Research, 77 percent of Americans owned a smartphone (95 percent of us have a cell phone), but more shocking is how saturated in smartphones the younger generations are:

94 percent of people between 18-29 own a smartphone – and 100 percent (100 percent!) have a cellphone.

89 percent of people between 39-49 own a smartphone.

If your job posts and applications aren’t mobile-friendly, you’re limiting your reach to your potential candidates.

Benefits to Practice Mobile Recruiting:

1. Saves Time, Save Money

It certainly reduces the time spent in reviewing, creating, and collecting job applications. The ease of 24/7 accessibility allows recruiters to work remotely and instantly take recruiting decisions.

2. Provides Positive Experience To Candidates

Imagine if the job applicant can load the online job application, but the lack of mobile optimization makes it almost impossible to complete it or a recruiter to use it. By using a mobile-optimized recruitment system, you can solve such problems. StartDate – Applicant Tracking System is designed to work on mobile devices, so there shouldn’t be any problems navigating it on a smartphone. This creates a better user experience and makes sure no candidate drops off and no recruiter reverts back to an older, slower system because the new one isn’t working.

3. More Job Seekers are Choosing Mobile Options

As more and more job candidates are opting to search and apply for jobs using their mobile device. By not using a system that’s mobile-friendly, you’ll potentially miss out on some great candidates, one of which might be perfect for the job. It’s essential for recruiters to adapt to this changing trend.  It helps ensure your job post reaches out to every applicant who wants to apply.

Get on to mobile-friendly recruitment today

Recruiters and hiring managers are learning many more benefits of using a mobile-friendly hiring process every single day and the industry is already on its way to a change. If you are looking for a modern mobile-friendly recruitment system, you are in luck! StartDate is the most trusted and fully mobile-optimized applicant tracking system with many more updated features and easy to implement. So Never miss out on your best candidate. Book your Free Live Demo today at